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I am setting up some videos that I think are very important, ones that I believe all could benefit from. I don’t want them to get lost or buried in past posts, so I’m going to be placing them under this page to keep them in easy reach for anyone who will want to check them out.

I hope you will watch them and tell me what you think.

This is a great interview with Milton Friedman. It is an older one, but truth, unlike humans, doesn’t get old and die. It just remains true. What Friedman has to say will benefit any generation.

Milton Friedman On Economics

Below is a link for the Frontline video on the special they had on our deficit. It’s almost an hour long and it has some historical background on the problem we’re in, economically and politically. I’ve made it available to help us be educated on what’s going on. I don’t endorse it all because I do believe there is a bias, but we need to see both sides to determine were we stand on an issue. It also brings out the fact that everyone is going to have to pay much higher taxes to pay off this debt. It won’t just be the top 2% that they have been claiming will be paying more taxes.

Ten Trillion And Counting

There was a discussion about God with Christopher Hitchens, Dinesh D’Sousa and Dennis Prager that was posted on YouTube. I have collected together to make viewing them easier.

Hitchens, D’Sousa, Prager Discussion on God.

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