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Stop the bill…PROTECT LIFE!

| August 19, 2009

Health care compared to the Post Office?

| August 11, 2009

Here’s a blog that was posted on the Heritage Foundation. The author, Rory Cooper, makes some good points. After reading portions of the actual bill, I think our health care will turn into the “first class mail” where federal law will prohibit American’s to have their choice in health care. Here’s what Mr. Cooper wrote: […]

He really said this…

| August 11, 2009

This does a lot for his argument. “UPS and FEDEX are doing just fine. It’s the post office that’s always having the problems.” The only problem is that if you actually READ the bill, insurance companies won’t be able to com…pete due to all the regulation that this bill would put on them.

Secret White House deal with Big Pharma is bad for America

| August 11, 2009

This post is located at  Also, Robert Reich, an Obama supporter as well as having served in Clinton’s administration is appalled by a deal that the White House has made. Through the month of August the Pharmaceutical companies will spend up to $150 million to try and persuade the American people that the Obama […]

More Lies…

| August 11, 2009

Saw this on Hot Air and got the video from Breitbart.  This is just unbelievable.  How does anyone believe this man?  There have been many, many closed door (secret) meetings concerning this Health Care issue.  There has NEVER been a discussion/debate about this on CSPAN.  And I’m sure that the White House will tell us […]

| August 9, 2009

In Denial

| August 8, 2009

ObamaCare Yay Or Nay? The Truth About Canada!

| July 31, 2009

PJTV takes us on a journey through Canada’s health care system to show just how great it is. Does it make you want to trade in our system for theirs? I didn’t think so!

07/17/09 Gabrielle Giffords Tucson Tea Party Protest.

| July 28, 2009

Video coverage of the Tucson Tea Party Protest at the office of Gabrielle Giffords’ office. The Tea Party Protesters outnumbered the Giffords supporters by nearly 5 to 1. There were approximately 500 people at the protest.


| July 28, 2009

Ads for medicine are required to disclose possible side-effects. Maybe Congress needs to work on a bill that would require the same type of disclosure for legislation. They will never do it, but if they did you might see an add like this for Health Care.