Arizona Conservatives

Another reason to clean house in 2010! Is it really necessary to mock the American people because we ask you to do your job?

| June 19, 2009

So Democrats think American’s are idiots…especially Democratic Congressman Chairman Henry Waxman (30th District of CA). Instead of doing his job and representing the people of his state, as well as this country, by doing a simple thing like reading a bill, (which is probably in his actual job description) he instead hires a speed reader […]

$3 Trillion Needed For Government Run Health Care

| June 17, 2009

How are Democrats and President Obama going to pay for Government Run Healthcare? The Democrats and Obama are not going to pay for it–we will. And we have already seen the level of tax evasion by our officials, so the money will come from the working class. Don’t be part of the Sheople–call your representatives […]