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Stimulus in your neck of the woods?

Posted By on July 11, 2009

There seems to be a pattern taking place.  If you are a Republican and live in an area where there is a Republican majority, you may be a target for this current administration.  First it was the car dealerships.  The majority of car dealerships that the government demanded closed belonged to Republican supporters.  Some of these dealerships were actually profitable too.  Don’t believe me?  Read here and here.

So now people are wondering “Why isn’t the stimulus working” “Where’s the money”?  Here might be were the answer lays.  In an article posted at USAToday it states:

“Counties that supported Obama last year have reaped twice as much money per person from the administration’s $787 billion economic stimulus package as those that voted for his Republican rival, Sen. John McCain, a USA TODAY analysis of government disclosure and accounting records shows. That money includes aid to repair military bases, improve public housing and help students pay for college.  The reports show the 872 counties that supported Obama received about $69 per person, on average. The 2,234 that supported McCain received about $34”.

No, say it ain’t so.  Folks is this the “change” you were looking for?



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