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Obama’s Pledge

Posted By on July 17, 2009

In commemoration of the Stonewall anniversary at the first-ever LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) Pride Month at the White House-a veritable carnival of decadence–Obama said:

“We must continue to do our part to make progress-step by step, law by law, mind by changing mind. And I want you to know that in this task I will not only be your friend; I will continue to be an ally and a champion and a president who fights with you and for you.”

An adroit panderer, he presented a detailed shopping list of the specific actions he has made or intends to make to accommodate the demands of the homosexual lobby…including embracing hate-crime laws, supporting civil unions and federal rights for LGBTQ couples, outlawing discrimination in the workplace, ensuring adoption rights and ending the existing “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

His enthusiasm for appealing to the LGBTQ gathering …unmatched by the last liberal president, Bill Clinton…would normally be subject to an examination as to what Obama’s own sexual orientation is. There is no doubt as to his heterosexuality-although watching him throw out the first ball at the All Star Game could, if considered solely, lead one to think otherwise. But disregard that, please. His motivation can be classified as utter capitulation to personal partisan advantage, generated by no shame due to lack of moral and intellectual discipline or decline in necessary moral traditions.

In many ways, Obama’s ignorance of what it is to be decadent has led him to obliviousness of the nature of demographic and moral decay. Remember he was born to a rootless 1960s morally relativist atheist Hippie white mother who was abandoned by not one but two black husbands and was propelled into the disadvantage of two culturally barren Ivy League universities at the height of their disintegration-from which both have partially been repaired. His dissimulation in politics comes from an inherent gift of duplicity, yes-but it is heightened by the fact he has utterly no compass for religion or truth, no understanding of the virtuous life, patriotism and pride of country. It is accompanied by elevation of self-indulgence, narcissism and histrionic pretension which reject absolutes such as truth-telling or pricking of conscience. In a very real sense he is tabula rasa, a tablet empty of anything but self-promotion.

In U. S. history his accession will likely be compared to the succession of unstable emperors beginning with Nero, Caligua and Commodus. While they ruled two centuries before the fall of Rome they were popular with the lower classes and their reigns indubitably played a role in Rome’s decline and fall. If the Age of Obama is not checked the same will come to us-but fortunately there are signs of Americans getting wise to this moral eunuch.

Marxist theory relies on a theory of decadence that separates one from religion, the work ethic leading to man’s gradual decrease in his capacity to provide for his needs-leading to the probability of socialist revolution in the West. This is his vision. Insofar as we have vision, there is an opportunity for us to shuck it off. A private agnostic-cum-atheist, he wouldn’t understand the nature of prayer which is why we have an advantage over him. We can beat this thing yet.


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