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Obama “pledged to seek to reduce abortions”

Posted By on July 10, 2009

Obama met with the Pope today.  And during his visit and conversation with the Pope he “Pledges to seek to reduce abortions”.  What is it with Americans?  How and why does anyone believe anything this man says?  Immediately upon taking office this man signs legislation that allows American tax dollars to fund abortions oversees.  He is the most anti-life President this country has ever had and actions should speak louder than words.  His words mean nothing.  Here is part of an article that I ran across on the story:

Benedict’s spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, insisted the talks between the two leaders were not “polemical” and that the issues in the 2008 document were known to be of special interest to the church in America. He said Benedict told him after the meeting that Obama pledged to seek to reduce abortions, a promise the president made publicly during a visit to Notre Dame University that was contested by conservatives.

Here’s the full article.


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