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Republican Cap & TRAITORS – Vote Them OUT

Posted By on June 29, 2009


(image via Michelle Malkin, Photoshop credit: Leo Alberti)

Call them and let them know what you think of their vote and that we will remember this vote as we vote in 2010!  Yes, this legislation will cost EVERY AMERICAN more in taxes as well as liberty.  It also costs the Republican Party because it further supports those who want to start a third party, which will undermine conservative candidates and strengthen the Dems. We need to get rid of these sellouts!

Mary Bono Mack
– CA – 45th District – Palm Springs
.225.5330 / 760.320.1076

Mike Castle DE
.225.4165 / 302.428.1902

Mark Kirk – IL – 10th District – North Chicago
.225.4835 / 847.940.0202

Leonard Lance – NJ – 7th District -Westfield
.225.5361 / 908.518.7733

Frank LoBiondoNJ – 2nd District – Atlantic City
.225.6572 / 609.625.5008

John McHugh – NY – 23rd District – Watertown
.225.4611 / 315.782.3150

Dave Reichert – WA – 8th District – Bellevue
202.225.7761 / 206

Chris Smith – NJ – 4th District – Trenton
.225.3765 / 609.585.7878


2 Responses to “Republican Cap & TRAITORS – Vote Them OUT”

  1. alyce says:

    Even my DEM. REP. SALAZAR voted against
    Now onto calling the Senators before this goes thru!

  2. Zonies says:

    Yes, there were some Democrats that voted against it. My view, which was later supported by Dick Morris’ comments, is that the Democrats knew they had enough votes to get it passed so they picked out the members who needed to vote against it to impress their home voter base. Having Republicans vote for it just made it easier for more Democrats to look like moderates.

    And yes, we need to be calling our Senators to try and stop this horrible bill. It is going to have a very negative affect on our country if it passes.