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Give women the right to choose…it’s their body. What about a 13 year old?

Posted By on June 19, 2009

hypocriteIn the midst of this Abortion debate the thing that we hear the most from “Pro-choicers” is that a woman has the right to do what she wants to do with her own body. And Obama is out there saying that it is “A private family matter”. So my question is what about this 13 year old Minnesota boy who has decided along with his parents to forgo chemotherapy and opted for alternative medicines instead?

Now this is “A private family matter”. I’m sure all you parents out there would agree that it would be heart renching to find out that your child has cancer. And I’m sure you would agree that most parents would want their child to live. So I’m sure that the decision that this particular family made was a difficult one but it’s the one they decided on as a family…again…let’s remember it’s “a private family matter”. In this instance the child is alive to be part of the decision making…what to do with HIS life…his body. But that’s not good enough. The courts have now stepped in and ordered the family to make the child take chemotherapy…AGAINST the family wishes and decisions.

Where is the outrage in the “Pro-Choice” community? Does this person have the right to decide what is right for HIS BODY?
Hypocrisy in it’s finest.


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