Arizona Conservatives

What’s Really Happening In Honduras

| June 30, 2009

Here is a letter from some friends that we have who live in Honduras. It may show another side of the story that you are not seeing in the media. Family and Friends, if you want to know what is really going on in Honduras, this write-up is the best thing I have found that […]

Congressional Performance

| June 30, 2009

According to a Rasmussen Poll, “Just 18% of U.S. voters now say Congress is doing a good or excellent job, down from 23% in May. Forty-seven percent (47%) now say Congress is doing a poor job. The political division of opinion is little changed. Seventy-one percent (71%) of Republicans and 56% of voters not affiliated […]

The Sotomayor Pattern

| June 30, 2009

Yesterday’s Supreme Court opinion in Ricci, the New Haven firefighters case, provides a window to what will inevitably be a significant line of questioning in Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation hearings. After all, Judge Sotomayor not only reached the wrong decision in this case, allowing overt racial discrimination in protection of what were essentially soft racial quotas, […]