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Posted By on June 19, 2009

plus8It’s been bothering me all day, and since they are living their life on national television I think it is fair game to comment on “Jon & Kate”. First, let me say that I’m not a regular “Jon & Kate plus 8” (TLC) watcher…I’m not a psychologist, …a doctor…or any type of health care professional.

I’ve seen bits and pieces of the show as I’ve flipped through channels. Last night I had just finished watching Top Gun and was flipping through the stations to find something “light” to watch as I surfed the internet and ran across the Season premier of Jon & Kate. So I watched it apparently along with 10 million other viewers.

There are several disturbing issues about this show. The exploitation of their children, the entitlement that Kate thinks her children deserve, the disrespect towards her husband and just the overall selfishness that she projects. Plus watching the season premier and hearing Jon & Kate talk about how they are there for their children but can’t seem to work out the issues between them.

The exploitation of their children…
Sure the children are absolutely adorable but remember these are little human beings, being shaped and formed. They shouldn’t be thought of as a paycheck, a mean for trips around the country, new houses, big parties…etc.. Now definitions of words are important so lets define the word “exploitation”.

1. use or utilization, esp. for profit: the exploitation of newly discovered oil fields.
2. selfish utilization: He got ahead through the exploitation of his friends.
3. the combined, often varied, use of public-relations and advertising techniques to promote a person, movie, product, etc.

So, let’s just call what TLC and Jon and Kate have done with the children…they have and continue to exploit them. These little human beings really have no say in the decision making of allowing the entire world see them grow up and the joys and pains that their family goes through. The person or people that are benefiting from this “show” are Jon and Kate and TLC. The kids are beginning to pack emotional baggage that they will carry throughout their lives. Just look at previous child stars. Now previous child “stars” were acting and many of them have gotten caught up in the celebrity status, big money, and all the other “trappings” of Hollywood. Now the Gosselin children aren’t “acting”, this is THEIR LIFE for all the world to see. You can’t tell me that there aren’t going to be issues down the road with being able to handle all of this. Someday the kids aren’t going to be as cute…they aren’t going to have cameras following them around…people aren’t going to be interested in them any longer and then what?

To be fair, it seems like Jon understands this to a point. Kate is out for herself at the expense of her children. Jon needs to step up and put a stop to the selling of their children’s childhood.

In a snippet that I saw a few weeks ago, Kate tells the camera that her kids “deserve” the new million-dollar house that they just purchased. So I’ve been thinking about this comment. How do 8 little kids “deserve” a million dollar house? What have they done to “earn” it? Usually people deserve what they’ve worked for…at least that use to be the American way. So this thought of entitlement rubbed me the wrong way and showed me a glimpse into Kate’s soul.

Now I have no idea who may be having an affair with whom and I don’t condone infidelity but if he is seeking the companionship of another woman I can totally understand it. In the snippets that I’ve seen I’ve been appalled at how Kate talks down to Jon almost as he is a servant of some type. Not only talking down to him, her tone is disrespectful and she interrupts him as he is speaking. If this is how she treats him on national TV what is it like when the camera’s aren’t rolling? Is this the type of behavior that she wants to pass on to her children? Her children are watching her. They are learning from her. How will they talk to their spouses? One thing that women need to know is that men need to have the respect of their wives. Respect is a very big issue with men just like being loved is a big issue with women.

The kids…
I don’t know how many people have had their parents divorce, but it’s a traumatic event. It scars children; especially little ones…but older ones have their issues too. Throughout the season premier Jon kept talking about being there for their children…that they could remain friends for the sake of the children. Kate said that her kids were the most important things in her life. Well, here’s my thought. If kids are the most important thing in a parent’s life then you stand by your commitments. You stand by wedding vows. You set the example for your children. You teach your children that your word/commitment is a bond that can’t be broken. You learn to love your spouse again. Love is not a butterfly feeling in your stomach. Love is a commitment. Commitments go along way. I remember a story that Zig Zigler told about he and his wife. Every year the two of them would go away for a weekend, just the two of them. Zig made sure that his children knew that his wife was first place in his life. This gave security to his children. When Mom and Dad are committed to each other then all is safe in the world of a child.

It makes me sad that there are shows like this on TV. Jon & Kate plus 8 is called a “reality show”. It’s really a tabloid show and the reality is that there are 8 children that are already packing emotional baggage, whether you can physically see the bags or not, they are being filled. It’s reality that 8 children are being sold for selfish motives. It’s reality that a marriage is on the verge of dissolving because of the selfishness and exploitation that has taken place.

I personally won’t encourage TLC from having this type of show on TV. I won’t watch it. It’s sad that we’ve come to this…the almighty dollar over the welfare of a family of 10.


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